collaborative slide editing made easy

wiki2beamer converts a simple wiki-like syntax to complex LaTeX beamer code. It's written in python and should run on windows and all *nix platforms. Why collaborative? Because you can use it with version control systems. Afraid to loose some LaTeX powers? Don't worry: you can always fall back to plain LaTeX as wiki2beamer is just a preprocessor.

wiki2beamer: Try it with your colleagues! :)


This is how it looks like:

wiki2beamer code input LaTeX code output
==== A simple frame ====

* with a funky
* bullet list
*# and two
*# numbered sub-items
 \frametitle{A simple frame}
    \item with a funky
    \item bullet list
        \item and two
	\item numbered sub-items


Which do you like more? And there is even more cool stuff inside: animations, code listings, text formatting, ... (see the example pdf).


Get the latest version of wiki2beamer at



If you want to improve wiki2beamer, don't be afraid. It's not that complicated and we happily accept patches. Just make your changes, and submit a patch (or publish a git branch so we can pull in your changes). If you want to make things go faster, you can also document your changes in the man-page sources (docbook xml) and write some unittests so we don't have to do that for you.

We use git for version control. The clone URL is:



wiki2beamer has native packages in the following distributions:


wiki2beamer only requires a working python interpreter. It's supposed to run on CPython 2.3 up to 3.x. If it doesn't, it's a bug that should be filed in the bugtracker.